BCH-Specific Ecosystem Dev Projects and Apps

BCH-Specific Web or Mobile Apps:


Earning or BCH-Specific Social Communities:

Yours.org - Earn Bitcoin Cash for your posts on the Yours Social Network!

memo.cash - Earn Bitcoin Cash on the on-chain social network similar to Twitter, built on Bitcoin Cash!

JoyStream - Earn Bitcoin Cash for hosting torrent links! 

Matter - Earn Bitcoin Cash on this Long-form Blogging Platform!

BitFund.cash - Browse P2P Crowdfunding campaigns + Earn Bitcoin Cash by helping fundraisers!

LocalBitcoinCash.org - Exchange Bitcoin Cash Locally / Earn Bitcoin Cash

KeyPort - Android messaging over Bitcoin Cash, encrypted uncensorable sms-like chat!



jukebox.cash - Global jukebox song-submission with donations to eatbch

bmatrix - Matrix-themed Bitcoin Cash Transaction Visualizer! - (Patience, it adds more as it goes)

txhighway.com/ - Watch Bitcoin Cash transactions in real-time!

txstreet.com - Bitcoin Busses - see how they compare.

bitlisten.cash/ - A musical experience of Bitcoin Cash Transactions!

github.com/abrkn/mes - Make Memo.Cash even cooler with RES

spaz.radio - hosts occasional live DJ's that get tipped in Bitcoin Cash!


Crowdfunding / Fundraising

Coinfundr.com - Crowdfund in Bitcoin Cash!

Lighthouse - Crowdfund Dev Projects in Bitcoin Cash!

BitFund.cash - Fundraising Showcase for projects using APB.

AKARI-PAGES - Launch a custom fundraiser for free on github.io / bitbucket.org pages or self-hosted, simply by editing some text files.

APB - Build your own self-owned direct Bitcoin Cash fundraiser for free, leverages AKARI-PAGES.


Tipping Bots, Platform Extenders, and/or Browser Extension Wallets

Telescope - Chrome + Firefox Browser Wallet! Plays nicely w/ memo.cash, blockpress.com, akari-pay, moneybutton.com

BCHTips - Chrome Extension Reddit Bitcoin Cash Tipping Bot

Stream4Bitcoin.Cash -- Accept donations paid for with digital cash (BCH) in your StreamLabs account

@bch_tip - Japanese Twitter Bitcoin Cash Tipping Bot

ChainTip - Reddit and GitHub Bitcoin Cash tipping bot.

Tippr - Tippr Reddit+Twitter Bitcoin Cash Tipping Bot

GitCash - Send & Receive Bitcoin Cash through Github. 

github.com/abrkn/tipmebch - Open source tipping software for Telegram

weibo.com/u/6468174724 - 币赞 is a tipbot in weibo.com - Chinese twitter.

_opreturn - Turns Twitter into an application-specific Bitcoin side-chain using chainfeed firehose API

read.cash - Aggregate your social-app wallets (and other addresses) in this useful read-only viewer tool


Bitcoin Cash API, Dev Tools, Ecosystem Tools:

BitDB - Bitcoin as Decentralized NoSQL Database - read or query indexed OP_RETURN transactions!

Consortium.cash/ - (C2) Intl. community for open standards, ensuring long-term growth of Bitcoin Cash.

BitcoinCashKit - The BitcoinCashKit library is a Swift implementation of the Bitcoin cash protocol.

Flowee - Talk to the blockchain in an easy to understand API

Bitcore - Javascript Library for Bitcoin Cash: "Bitcore-lib-cash"

Insticce - "The Easiest Bitcoin Cash API" Accept payments and optionally forward payments to multiple addresses!

bitcoincashjs.github.io/ - Simple, safe, powerful Javascript library for Bitcoin Cash!

BITBOX -  Create new $BCH apps in react, angular, nexjs and nodejs w/ bitbox - bitbox.earth

bitcoinj.cash - The bitcoinj.cash library is a Java implementation of the Bitcoin cash protocol

wewo.cash - API tools to plug into the blockchain on MEMO, make Apps that interact with memo.cash!

sporestack.com/ - Deploy VPS servers with Bitcoin Cash. 

www.query.cash/ - A web based GUI interface to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain via JSON-RPC

proxy.bitbox.earth/ - Reverse proxy for getting around CORS issues with BCH full nodes 

rest.bitbox.earth/ - The new REST layer of BITBOX Cloud. It lets devs talk to full nodes over HTTP. 

matiu.github.io/opcodes-playground/ - Test operation codes to be added in the May 2018 protocol upgrade!

bitcoinvoice.io - bitcoin community can use public labels to facilitate verified voting

github.com/cashaddress/vanitygen-cash - Generate a Vanity Bitcoin Cashaddr

APB - Build your own Bitcoin Cash fundraiser for free, leverages AKARI-PAGES.

AKARI-PAY - Developers, Organizations, etc, can accept BCH donations through officially self-hosted buttons.

AKARI-PAGES - Launch a custom fundraiser for free on github.io pages or self hosted, simply by editing some text files.

FileInDaChain - A tool to upload data onto the Bitcoin Cash chain.

Vanity.Cash - Bitcoin Cash Vanity Addresses by Coin Dance.

DataCash - Write Data to Bitcoin Cash protocols like memo.cash and blockpress in just 4 lines

MemoPress - Lib for working w/ Memo/BlockPress OP_RETURN 

bch.gg/ - An url-shortening service with the BCH prefix, shorten links for memo.cash & blockpress.com

moneybutton.com - Embed a yours.org Bitcoin Cash tip button via iframe onto any website (works great with Telescope)

chainfeed firehose API - public realtime firehose API for Bitcoin Cash OP_RETURN transactions

Chainfeed - Aggregates updates from any/all BCH-blockchain utilizing applications!

Chaintrend - Aggregates statistics and displays charts from any/all BCH-blockchain utilizing applications!

handcash.io/api-docs/ - $handle API documentation - send to someone using a $handle instead of a regular BCH cashaddress!


Ecosystem Development Bounties!

ChainTip Bounties - Create Bitcoin Cash bounties on GitHub by tipping issues. 

MiniPos Demonstration Bounty - Write a review of MiniPos on yours.org

Propose a Developer - Help Yours.org find a developer.

BCHpizza.org - Be the first in a city to accept BCH in your pizza shop and get the city bounty!

AKARI-PAGES - Start your fundraiser and get some BCH to help you test + launch your project/initiative!

https://stresstestbitcoin.cash/ - The Biggest Community Driven Stress Test Of Any Blockchain


Leveraging the Ledger:

http://simpleledger.cash - Ledger/Accounting protocol "Keep Tabs on Anything Using the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain". 


Extending Payments:

cointext.io - Pay anyone Bitcoin Cash using SMS!

ka-ching - Paying in Bitcoin Cash using NFC payments

HandCash - Pay using $handles similar to usernames - "Easy to use Bitcoin Cash wallet with NFC payments"

CashPay - Introduces Spend & Replace!


Informative or Interactive Projects/Links:

Marco Coino - [Android App] BCH Merchant Directory!

CashNodes.io - Information about Bitcoin Cash Nodes

Donator.Cash - List of places accepting Bitcoin Cash donations

Cash.Coin.Dance - Bitcoin Stats & Services / Data sharing & Ecosystem Partners!

temo.cash - track statistics of memo.cash social network.

Devs.Cash - This page!

cashBar -  A clean menubar app for OSX to show the current price vs. USD 

tools.bitcoin.com/bitcoin-cash-converter/ - Simple BCH price converter tool

coinsalad.com/bitcoincash/flippening - Chart tracking when one blockchain overtakes another.

AcceptBitcoin.Cash - List of stores, payment processors, merchants, etc accepting BCH

spendbch.io/ - an Amazon-like wall where you can buy (and submit items for sale) using Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash Fund - Funding for serious projects that help increase adoption rate

https://jochen-hoenicke.de - Bitcoin Mempool Stats

doublespend.cash - Monitor how only one transaction ever gets accepted (no double-spends).

bip100.tech - Monitor how Bitcoin Cash block-size dynamically adjust to allow global scaling.



Join the developer community:

https://discordapp.com/invite/nkw2UqZ - "Bitcoin Cash Fund Discord Chat"


AKARI dev-chat  - room:  akari@conference.xmpp.jp


What will not go on this list:

Payment Processors, New stores/specific merchants, Gambling, Mixers, 

Exchanges adding BCH, specific wallets. 

(WHY? They're already listed nicely on AcceptBitcoin.CashAwesome Bitcoin Cash

This page will mainly be for upcoming web & mobile apps built on / using 

Bitcoin Cash!


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